Flax in Flanders Throughout the centuries - Lin en Flandre à travers les siècles

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Flax in Flanders Throughout the centuries   Lin en Flandre à travers les siècles
Flax in Flanders Throughout the centuries   Lin en Flandre à travers les siècles

Auteur : Dewilde Bert

Editions : Lannoo


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Ouvrage intégralement en Anglais, enrichi de nombreuses illustrations, photos et peintures

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'Flax in Flanders', a scientific, richly illustrated and comprehensive standard work is the outcome of twen-ty years intensive research and study.

Its first objective was to trace old flax tools, ar­chives, books, photographs and documents with a view to display them in a permanent exhibition. This resulted in the National Flax Muséum in Courtrai, Bel-gium, which is unique in both conception and comple-teness and unique also for its documentary and edu-cational contents. It is a tribute to Flanders' oldest and most beautiful industry — the flax industry.

During this time the originator's interest also turned to the past, to the history and folklore, the social background and the literature and language of the flax growers. Thousands of men and women who, in the past, played an active rôle in this great industry have been patiently interviewed by Bert Dewilde who was thus able to collect spécifie data and knowledge. In this way anecdotes and folklore have added a human di­mension to the book's scientific contents. The author was well placed in that he had personal expérience of part of the last chapter of this mighty économie epic, which took place on the borders of the River Lys between the two World Wars.

This unique muséum, which has been hailed as his life's work, now receives its equally valuable counter-part: an account of an important part of Flanders' éco­nomie, social and previously unwritten history, now recorded in both pictures and text.

Iwould therefore like to pay tribute to Bert Dewilde, promoter and curator of the National Flax Muséum, researcher and author of the most complète book on Flax ever written, for his deep dedication and almost idealistic approach through which he has saved and handed down to posterity this wealth of important and telling visual information of a little known science.

This long awaited translated édition will be well-comed by the English-speaking flax areas, which for centuries on end have maintained the best trade re­lations with Flanders.

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