Medieval costume and how to recreate it

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Medieval costume and how to recreate it
Medieval costume and how to recreate it

Auteur : Hartley Dorothy

Editions : Dover publication


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This clear-cut, accurate, and richly detailed guide is much more than just another history of costume. It takes an effective and fresh approach, classifying the clothes and accessories of the twelfth through fifteenth centuries along social Unes. Garments of every type from the wardrobes of peasants and nobility appear in over 200 period illustrations and patterns, presented not as inanimate muséum exhibits but as items of vital interest and well worth recreating.

Here is the apparel of royalty, clerics, doctors, merchants, musicians, knights, arti­sans, farmers, and laborers—ail magnificently illustrated with images from tapes-tries and illuminated manuscripts as well as in drawings and diagrams. Helpful advice covers choosing fabrics; placement of seams; draping and folding gar­ments; how to walk, dance, and climb stairs in unfamiliar and sometimes cumbersome médiéval attire; and even the best methods of storage.

Essential for professional costume and fashion designers, this book will prove invaluable to Renaissance fair-goers and others who delight in médiéval style.

Dover (2003) unabridged republication of Médiéval Costume and Life, published by Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1931. Index. 203 black-and-white and two fullcolor illustrations. xvi+142pp. 6 1/8 x 9 1/4 Paperbound.

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